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Get More Qualified
Leads and Sales

Businesses use Affect to skyrocket their marketing efforts. Virtually every marketing campaign in existence can & should be improved. Affect has the knowledge & experience to turn any campaign into a winner. Call us the Rainmakers.

Data-Driven Results

In simple terms, we use timeless data driven actions to achieve more sales through AdWords, persuasive landing pages & websites. 

We’ve Got You Covered

Google Ads

Affect can take over or get involved with your current team/agency to enhance your campaigns indefinitely.


Hire one of our experts to transform your campaigns & train your team to be more effective. 

Landing pages

We create or improve landing pages to boost conversions and maximise your advertising spend.

Email Marketing

Video Marketing

Facebook Retargeting

Transforming Your Marketing Campaigns

Bring Affect in on a consulting basis to fix and propel your campaign, then knowledge & skill transfer to your team for the future. Or call us in to manage and or work with your team to hone your campaign and boost your sales.

Products & Services

Google Ads Service

Granular Google Ads Setup & management to maximise profitability and minimise wastage. Includes dynamically keyword inserted landing pages. The best Google Ads Service without utilising other marketing techniques.

Full Service Agency

Combine the Google Ads Service with clever Facebook engagement campaigns and conversion campaigns. Use both of the heavyweight juggernauts in the paid advertising space. Facebook re-target every single landing page visitor who showed an interest in your service/product.

Elite Customers

Combine the Full Service Agency with thousands of GDPR friendly cold email outreach/or create and re-market to your own email list, perfect video pitching to your ideal clients, call recording and sales analysis. Elite Customers gain the ultimate sales tool.

Google Ads for Beginners


Everything you need to begin your Google Ads journey in creating campaigns which generate a positive ROI for your clients.

The Complete Google Ads Resource Pack


In this course, we teach you how to use Excel in Google ads to create incredibly granular, time-efficient and cost-efficient campaigns. You also get our custom formulas we use on a daily basis for our Ads.

How to Dominate Google Ads


Dominate your competition. Create campaigns and learn strategies to consistently crush your market through our proven and refined techniques.

Tried & Tested Google Ads Techniques 

Google Ads are a science – there is no doubt about it. Perfecting a campaign requires the right formula. Affect bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and execution to all consulting and management projects.